Do I mix BacKrete powder with water?

Do not mix BacKrete Powder with water. It is a waterless formulation. Simply spread & brush the powder into the pores of the concrete. The viable bacteria in the formulation will be activated by the hydrocarbons in the concrete as a food source and by the latent moisture content in the concrete.

Is only one application of BacKrete Powder needed to remove hydrocarbon stains on concrete?

One application of BacKrete will help to remove the hydrocarbon stains on concrete. But because some of the hydrocarbon stains on concrete have been down for an extended period of time, it is best to apply BacKrete Powder lightly 2 or 3 times in a given area a day or so apart. This will give a more thorough result. However, if that is not possible, a slightly heavier treatment of one application will work well.

Can BacKrete Powder be applied when the concrete is wet?

If the concrete is wet, the pores are filled with water. In this situation the BacKrete Powder will neither get to the concrete pores, nor spread evenly when the concrete is wet… the concrete should be dry. However, you may use a leaf blower to remove the water from the area and then apply BacKrete.

Can I pressure wash an area & still use BacKrete Powder?

Yes, but pressure wash the area first. Then, either wait for the area to dry, or blow off the wet concrete area with a leaf blower to dry it; then apply BacKrete Powder and walk away!

What is the optimal temperature range for applying BacKrete Powder on concrete.

Optimal temperature range is anywhere between 50 to 95 degrees.

Can I use Backrete Powder when it is cold outside?

Yes, but it will work more slowly.  Just as your refrigerator slows down the metabolic growth rate of bacteria on the food, so also the cold temperatures will slow down the metabolic rate of the bacteria in BacKrete.

Can I use Backrete Powder on concrete outdoors when it is below freezing?

No; the BacKrete Powder will only work above freezing.

What if there is a large build-up of dirt on the concrete area to be cleaned?

The dirt must be removed first. BacKrete Powder will consume the hydrocarbon stains on concrete, but it will not eat the dirt. The dirt must be removed from the surface first with a stiff brush & swept clean before applying BacKrete Powder to the hydrocarbon stains. BacKrete has available a strong, heavy duty, soil removal brush for that purpose.

Will BacKrete Powder consume food & beverage stains from concrete.

No; that requires a different type of bacteria. For food & beverage stains use the Liquid BacKrete Foaming Food Grease Digester. It is designed for that application.

Can BacKrete Powder be used on concrete pavers?

Yes; apply a small amount of BacKrete 2 or 3 times a couple of days apart for best results.

Are Special Tools required to apply BacKrete Powder?

BacKrete has made available (2) special tools which make the application process quicker and more efficient. First, to apply the BacKrete Powder we have available an Applicator Broom. It is a Flagged Tip, Super Fine, Gray Bristle, 24” Applicator Broom.  This broom does a great job of working the fine BacKrete Power into the pores of the concrete slab quickly and effectively.  Second, we have available the Heavy Duty, Soil Removal Brush.  This is a 9” grit brush which is used to remove any heavy, dirty build up on the concrete slab. This is most popular at Truck Stops and other heavy soil load areas. It is used to remove the heavy soil and reveal the concrete slab surface, so the BacKrete Powder can be most effective. You are not required to use these tools…..they simply make the work quicker and more effective.