Eco-Friendly & Waterless Concrete Cleaner



Physical State: Fine Powder
Appearance: Light Gray Powder
Odor: Slight Odor
Relative Density: 2.2
Solubility: Partially

Parking Decks

Clean Your Parking Decks and Parking Garages Quickly, Effectively & Safely!

Clean multiple parking spots in a few minutes using BacKrete Powder!
Let the living bacteria within Backrete quickly & effectively clean your parking
deck. It works by absorbing & consuming as a food source the hydrocarbon
stains from motor oil and diesel fuel from the concrete surface.
Simply, apply, spread & walk away! It’s just that easy.

Pressure Washers

Improve Your Pressure Washing Results With BacKrete Powder!

Use BacKrete for a more complete, deep cleaning of hydrocarbon stains
from diesel fuel & motor oil on concrete. The living bacteria within BacKrete
will consume as a food source those hydrocarbon stains. It is so easy…
After pressure washing, use a leaf blower to blow the concrete area dry of
water. Then spread the BacKrete Powder over the stained area…
then walk away! It’s that easy. The BacKrete Powder will work into
the concrete pores and consume those stains.

Mass Transit Authority

Stop Wasting Your Clean Water Resources!

Join what other Mass Transit Authorities are doing. Use BacKrete Powder to consume your hydrocarbon stains from diesel
fuel and motor oil on concrete. Stop wasting your clean water resources! Let the living bacteria within BacKrete Consume your hydrocarbon stains… without water! Simply spread the BacKrete and walk away! It’s just that easy. Clean your bus garage areas and the transfer station areas with BacKrete. Eliminate those “slip-fall issues” by using BacKrete Powder at all the public transfer stations.

Travel Centers

Clean, Safe & Environmentally Preferred!

Do what scores of other Travel Centers have done…..Use BacKrete Powder to safely consume the hydrocarbon stains from diesel fuel & motor oil at your Travel Center! Eliminate the “slip-fall issues” at your truckstop. With BacKrete Powder there are no water and no high pressure water hoses to create a slippery surface! One major chain of Travel Centers had no “slip-fall
issues” for years for each of their locations which consistently used BacKrete Powder.