Powdered BacKrete® Eco-Friendly & Waterless Concrete Cleaner (7.5lb)

BacKrete® Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaning Powder is a fine, highly absorbent powder which contains oil eating bacteria. This bacteria consumes hydro-carbon stains on concrete; such as diesel fuel, motor oil, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, fuel oil and other hydro-carbon stains.

BacKrete® Safely Consumes:

  • Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel
  • Motor Oil, Fuel Oil
  • Kerosene
  • Most Hydro-Carbon based Petroleum Stains

Made in the USA

7.5 LB Box



Expected Coverage
120 Drip Zones Treated @ 2 oz. by vol.
60 Drip Zones Treated @ 4 oz. by vol.
An Automobile Drip Zone is 3ft. x 4 ft.

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“We have used BacKrete® outside of our fast food restaurant and have been extremely pleased with it! BacKrete® has far out performed every other product we have ever used!”

- EJ, Restauranteur

“BacKrete® is the simplest and easiest solution for removing oil and diesel, including stains, that I have ever used. BacKrete® is an environmentally safe, waterless cleaner for the removal of oil, grease and diesel. It requires no scrubbing and no rinsing. Spread the product on concrete and walk away. The bacteria will ingest the hydrocarbons and leave the surface clean and stain free.”

- MO, Convenience Store Supplier

“We have used this product at our Travel Plaza. It has made a great improvement on our gas pads. Our customers have noticed the difference; our corporate team have also noticed the difference. This product is a blessing for appearance!”

- EH, Travel Center Manager

Safety Data Sheet


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